MegaTrend: A Wiki for your entire life. With your WortSchatz, (WeltSprache) and many WikiPage's about family, school, InterWiki-learning with your WikiProf, SocialNetwork, job. Die Potentiale persönlicher Wikis als sanfte evolutionäre Zwischenstufe hin zum globalen BlueMind sind bei weitem noch nicht ausgeschöpft. Transscript from the above PieschenTv EpIsOde: Let me try to talk a little bit about ArtificialIntelligence: As you might know I have a wiki. I use this wiki to store almost any aspect of my life. The wiki is a JspWiki. There is a nice feature which is called CamelCase. Anybody who knows the wiki of WardCunningham will also know what CamelCase is and will also appreciate this way of linking between WikiPage's. I really got addicted to this way of using a wiki. There is an interesting reason why this is so exciting. Let me try to explain. But why do I need a LifeWiki? Let's look at the map of our future and any sufficiently well informed person will know that on a time horizon between 2040 and 2100 there will be with suffiently high probability something like TheSingularity with a convergence of human and machine intelligence. This is something I won't discuss now. This is something that enough people already have understood. And now I am curious how this affects my life as of today, as of the year 2008. For my personal situation: I was born in the early summer of 1969. Looking at statistics of life expectancy there are some nice charts that show that I have a LifeExpectancy until let's say 2045-2050. There is a good reason to think about this stuff and to do it now. To try to reasearch and study the influence of these topics on my personal life. So I started with a wiki. Later on I found some nice concepts. I think it was JohnSmart who used the term DigitalTwin. Now in the october 2008 my life wiki has about 3700 pages. It is becoming more and more a mirror of my thoughts, of my entire life. There are some really exciting pattern you can observe on a day-to-day basis that my life is really converging with this new tool. I can have an icecream with a friend and to some protocol of the conversation. Almost every 10 seconds there is some topic that i talk about and this topic is already represented in the lifewiki. This is actually what I did yesterday. He is well informed about topics I am as well. I can now in the year 2008 show that there is a more and more strong convergence between things that are written down in my lifewiki and thoughts in my brain. Now just look into the future, lets say five or ten years. Lets assume more and more ubiquitous devices that will let me have my LifeWiki wherever I are. Than lets assume a tool which filters my newsreader for keywords and matches them with topics from my wiki. This is something I would like to develop.