Welcome to MindBroker

MindBroker is a ThinkTank developing LongTerm strategies for CognitiveComputing towards TheSingularity. We study, dream, InVent, create and live new concepts for virtual economies and SocialNetwork's of the next and next but one generation. MindBroker is a VirtualEnterprise in the WikiBased MicroNation of __NooPolis__. MindBroker is a fully TransParent and WikiBased company. Our MindWiki gives you first glimpses of how we work:
  • HowWeWork
  • NewsLetter
  • Main ProJect's:
  • LockSchuppen: a ProJect to create a european ThinkAndDoTank about TheSingularity in the CityOfDresden
  • TheNooSphere: a LongTerm WikiBased multiplayer online and AlternateReality game to create scenarios for the TimeToCome
  • OurHistory
  • Our WikiNode connects us to neighbour Wikis.